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ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA has been selected by ANDE Paraguay utility to provide advanced CT connection meters with modems. ANDE will install electric meters for the utility’s nearly 5,000 commercial customers in substations.


Enrique Sanabria Franco, Head of Commercial Measurements Department at ANDE and Jorge Luis Parra Roman, Head of Electricity Laboratory, from INTN audited our production in beginning of March. Today we got confirmation that audit is passed successfully and we can deliver meters according the contract. ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA balancing meter CT provides a standards-based, GSM communications platform for advanced metering.


About Elgama-Elektronika

"ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA" Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of static electricity meters in the Baltic region and operates in over 20 countries across four continents.
The company develops and produces the whole range of devices for electricity measurement, control and management applied in residential, commercial and industrial sectors. It together with partners as well presents smart metering solutions applied for utility needs at metering data management level. More information is available at www.elgama.eu