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ESMIG Managing Director’s visit to Lithuania


Modern economy is inseparable from smart technologies development and implementation. It is agreed that the volumes of smart technologies adaptation and the penetration of smart metering systems are the very important indicators of the economy.

European Smart Metering Industry Group (ESMIG) is the Association which is actively involved in smart metering expansion. The members of ESMIG are such companies like  ABB, IBM, TOSHIBA, SIEMENS, VODAFONE and others.  The main ESMIG activities are related to the additional value added for the citizens of European Union who are the users of different types of energy (electricity, gas, heat) and facilitates the implementation of  "The 20-20-20 Goals". Lithuanian companies, ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA Ltd. and SIGMA TELAS Ltd. are active members of ESMING as well.

On March 28-29 Mr. Wilem Strabbing, the Managing Director of ESMIG visited Lithuania. The main goal Mr. Strabbing's visit was to harmonize the efforts of stakeholders towards the implementation of smart meters and smart metering systems in the European Union.

During his visit Mr. Strabbing visited the Ministry of Environment of Lithuania and the Ministry of Economy of Lithuania. Mr. Strabbing had meetings with Minister of Environment Mr. Valentinas Mazuronis and with Minister of Economy Mrs. Birutė Vėsaitė. During those meetings Mr. Strabbing discussed the joint activities related to the smart metering opportunities.

It has to be noted that the ministers, Mr. V. Mazuronis and Mrs. B. Vėsaitė have positively evaluated ESMIG and ESMIG Lithuanian members efforts towards the expansion of smart metering in Lithuania.