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From Lithuania to Poland and further to the whole world


Elgama-Elektronika is present on the electricity metering market already more than 27 years. Since 1992, with headquarters located in Vilnius (Lithuania), the company develops and produces static electricity meters, as well as solutions for smart metering. Polish electricity utilities have been already familiar with GAMA 100 single-phase and GAMA300 three-phase series of meters, that had been delivered to Polish market of residential and industrial electricity metering. Just last year (in 2018) a new type G3G balance electricity meters were installed on transformer substations in Poland. Elgama-Elektronika has supplied about 16’000 pcs of those meters in total. Meters have been designed for Polish market under the contract with three utilities Tauron, PGE and Innogy. Polish utilities have compiled joint requirements for balance meters and have carried out combined public procurement process. The requirements comprised not only “traditional” functionality of sub-station meters of accuracy class 0.5s, but also included strong emphasis on measurement of power quality parameters. Meters were requested to measure the following voltage quality indicators according to EN 61000-4-30 (class B) standard: slow variation, total harmonic distortion (THD), unbalance and flicker. High speed Ethernet interface is used to read out metering data automatically from meters to the Central System (server). Meters compile weekly reports on power quality, comprising profile of quality indicators, as well as log book of voltage variations, that exceed the configured limits. Since this approach was quite novel for balance meters, according to the public procurement procedure meters had to pass extensive testing session in Tauron utility laboratory (in Tarnow), as well as in AGH electricity energy laboratory (in Krakow), where power quality measurements were tested. Successful test results opened the way for G3G meters to Polish market, and today utilities have already one-year experience in automated measurement of power quality parameters at transformer substations.

Motivated by this successful project on Polish market, Elgama-Elektronika engineers continue to upgrade functional and metrological possibilities of G3G meters. Just recently, in August 2019, Elgama-Elektronika has received a type approval certificate for G3G meters of accuracy class 0.2s from the world-wide known testing laboratory KEMA in Netherlands. Therefore, G3G meters are well suited not only for the needs of distribution network operators, but also for transmission network operators. Meters possess wide voltage 3x57,7/100 … 240/415 V, current 1(10)A and operating temperature -40…+70°C range. Rich functional possibilities and outstanding metrological characteristics make G3G meters very competitive on the world market.

 Our experience with balancing meter project showed that without the support of local Polish engineers it is really difficult to provide a product fulfilling the needs of Polish market.

That is why in the Power Market Project we have joined our forces with Griffin Energy, Their technical expertise and scrupulous testing, together with our design and high quality manufacturing allowed to deliver a complete product meeting all the tender requirements. Griffin Energy assistance gives us the necessary experience and understanding of Polish market. We believe that successful cooperation during this project will allow the  further development of both companies and become a beginning of a hard working success story

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