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Conference "Energy efficiency solutions lead to business competitiveness"


Representatives of "ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA" Ltd. participated in the conference "Energy efficiency solutions lead to business competitiveness" in February 14, 2014 annually organised by AB LESTO and local business newspaper Verslo žinios. The main targets of the event was to present smart products and solutions related to the increase of efficient energy use, possibilities and development in the country. Moreover, practical issues were discussed by the Lithuanian companies that care for environmental protection as well as by representatives of European Smart Metering Industry Group (ESMIG).


ESMIG Managing Director’s visit to Lithuania


Modern economy is inseparable from smart technologies development and implementation. It is agreed that the volumes of smart technologies adaptation and the penetration of smart metering systems are the very important indicators of the economy.

European Smart Metering Industry Group (ESMIG) is the Association which is actively involved in smart metering expansion. The members of ESMIG are such companies like  ABB, IBM, TOSHIBA, SIEMENS, VODAFONE and others.  The main ESMIG activities are related to the additional value added for the citizens of European Union who are the users of different types of energy (electricity, gas, heat) and facilitates the implementation of  "The 20-20-20 Goals". Lithuanian companies, ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA Ltd. and SIGMA TELAS Ltd. are active members of ESMING as well.


Exporter of the year 2011


Elgama-Elektronika was announced an "Exporter of the Year 2011" during VIII-th Congress of Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists.


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