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Elgama DC12 data concentrator is designed to perform efficient data collection from electricity meters and transfer collected data to MDM system. Concentrator basic version using PLC PRIME communication channel for data collection from meters. Elgama DC12 concentrator is able to use Ethernet or GPRS connection to communicate with central MDM system. DC12 has swappable communication modules. This allow provide concentrator with G3 PLC communication module for local communication along with 3G or 4G cellular communication modules for connection to MDM system.
Additionally Elgama DC12 concentrator has RS 485 serial interface. It is possible to use RS 485 interface to create special channels for meters data collection. Concentrator basic version using DLMS protocol for data transfer to MDM system. Allong with DLMS protocol, DCU has ability to implement different data transfer protocols for MDM system according client requirements. DCU service application is based on WEB technology. Implemented WEB user interface allow to connect to concentrator and manage it from any computer using web browser.  Elgama DC12 data concentrator has advanced internal SW architecture with possibility to modify functionality or add new functionality. It gives possibility for flexible functionality adjustment according customer requirements.   

  • Collection of metering data by means of PLC network; Data Storage in Non-volatile memory
  • Support of DLMS/COSEM IEC 62056 protocol, High-level security (encryption and authentication)
  • Swappable PLC modem module PRIME or G3 (optional)
  • PLC network diagnostics
  • Meter data reading and control functions by means of operational and maintenance SW
  • Communication interfaces to meters: PLC and RS485
  • Multiple communication interfaces: Ethernet, USB Host, RS232, 2xRS485, GPRS/3G/LTE
  • Secure WAN/LAN communication with encryption
  • Hot swappable communication modules for GPRS/3G/LTE
  • NTP client for automatic time synchronization
  • Immunity against magnetic and HF electromagnetic fields
  • Comfortable LCD for easy DCU configuration and maintenance
  • Immunity against magnetic and HF electromagnetic fields
  • Integrated 4 tariff balance meter

PLC communication

PRIME PLC  (ITU-T  G.9904)  version 1.3.6 (upgradable to 1.4)

G3-PLC (ITU-T G.9903) (optional)

Balance meter

Accuracy class for active energy

   0,5s (IEC 62053-22)

Accuracy class for reactive energy

   2 (IEC 62053-23)

Reference voltag, V


Rated In maximum (Imax) current, A


Starting current, % from In


Meter constant, imp/kWh, imp/kvarh


Number of energy tariffs


Immunity against permanent magnetic fields

   Max 300 mT

Immunity against electromagnetic HF fields

   10V/m(with load), 30V/m(without load)


Power supply    

    3x230/400 V ± 20% , 50Hz

Power consumption

    < 5W (< 10 VA)

Temperature ranges:
-specific operating range
-limit range of operation

    -25°C … +60°C
    -40°C … +70°C (LCD operational -25°C … +70°C)

Surge protection             

    6kV, 1,2/50 µs

Internal real-time clock


< 0,5s/24 h (T=23 °C)

Backup power supply      

Li-ion battery (10 years)

Case & Dimensions


UV stabilized polycarbonate


Protective class II

Protection class


Dimensions, mm            

290 × 180 × 95

Weight, kg