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Current clamps

when current range
0,5 A...100 A

Current clamps
when current range
5 A...1000 A
Current clamps
when current range
10 A...1500 A

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PTD - 3G (Portable Testing Device) is a portable electronic device for on site meter testing, measurement of instantaneous values and profile recording. The device also provides some features of network quality monitoring. It is suitable for testing of single-phase and three-phase electricity meters on site, for energy quality and network parameters monitoring.
Wide range of functions, user - friendly interface, and sizeable graphical LCD applicable for diagram indication makes the working with this device easy, accurate and attractive.

Active, reactive and apparent energy measurement with error calculation
   - Measurement error of active energy [cosφ=1]: ± 0,5 %
Active, reactive and apparent power measurement (per phase and aggregate)
   - Measurement error: ± 0,5 %
Current measurement
   - Measurement error: ± 0,5 %
Voltage measurement
   - Measurement error: ± 0,2 % in range 50...270 V
Power factor measurement
   - Measurement range: -1...+1
   - Resolution: 0,001
Frequency measurement
   - Measurement range: 45...65 Hz
   - Resolution: 0,01 Hz
Harmonic analysis
   - Harmonic components from 2 to 30 in-percent of the fundamental wave
   - Numeric values of each component
   - Chart in a logarithmic scale

Vector diagram displaying
Measurement of angles
   - Voltage phase shift angles
   - Angles between voltage phases
Power quality measurement
   - Voltage variation measurement
   - Frequency variation measurement
   - Total harmonics distortion
   - Power outages

Power supply:
Powered by voltage measuring circuits
Powered by auxiliary circuit

50 V ... 270 V, consumption: < 2 W per phase
50 V ... 270 V, consumption: < 6 W
Number of channels for profile recording
One of 5 registration algorithms for each channel

Range of measurement period

6 with 25 different parameters available
Minimum value per measurement period
Maximum value per measurement period
Average value per measurement period
Snapshot at the end of measurement period
Standard deviation per measurement period
10 s ... 60 min
Scanning head:
Usable with
Supply voltage

Induction and electronic meters
6 ... 12 V
270 mm x 95 mm x 80 mm
Electronic block:
Max clamping capacity
   - cable, mm
   - bus bar, mm
Housing and protection level         
Dimensions and weight      
Operation temperature                  

ø 80
100x50 or 120x45
Hard plastic, IP 40
157x189x69 mm, 0,8 kg
-20 °C ... +50°C

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