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Smart Metering Solutions

Smart Metering Solutions

Smart Metering Solutions

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Smart Metering Solutions presented by ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA Ltd. are end-to-end solutions for utilities to effectively control energy consumption by metering, data collection and monitoring as well as data validation and analysis. Solution comprises all the necessary constituents of an advanced metering infrastructure: meter data management software (MDMS), communication infrastructure and smart metering devices. Based on open standards, solutions are scalable and flexible that allows building of bi-directional metering and data collection infrastructure according to customer needs as well as market trends.


  • Plug & Play. Automatic self-registration of metering devices on communication network for easy rollout of the system
  • Bi-directional communication with meters, enabling meter data readout, as well as remote configuration of metering devices (e.g. flexible parameterization of time-of-use tariffs)
  • Open communication protocols for interoperability with other solutions
  • Real time tampering detection and automatic event reporting for revenue protection
  • Remote disconnection of users and power limitation for demand side management
  • Remote firmware update for investment protection
  • Data encryption and authorization for security purposes
  • Bi-directional energy metering, for distributed generation and employment of renewable energy resources
  • GAMA electricity meters
Accuracy class 1.0 (B) or 0.5s (C); Active & Reactive energy, Maximum demandLoad profiles, instantaneous values
Multi-utility display (can show values of other utility meters)
Remote firmware updateIndependent communication interfaces
Modular & integrated communication modems (PLC, Radio, GSM/GPRS)
Open communication protocol (DLMS/COSEM)
Internal mains relay for user disconnection and/or power limitation
Plug & Play device
Events logbook
Extended anti-tamper features, including detection of terminal and main cover opening, magnetic field influence, neutral current dis-balance, time correction and parameterization
High Level Security (encryption and authentication)

  • Data concentrators
Communication with MDMS via Ethernet and GPRS/3G
Runs automatic scheduled tasks and stores the data to an internal database or transfers it to MDMS
Reports alarms and errors from meters to MDMS
Supports self-registration of meters and their parameterization function
Transfers control commands and messages from MDMS to the meters
Performs an automatic meter clock synchronization
Data encryption for safe communication with meters and MDMS (AES128/GCM)

  • Modems
Radio Frequency modem is a bridge to transfer data from RS485 interface of the meter to the mesh radio network.
GSM/GPRS/3G modem is used in AMI system for remote automated data reading of electricity, gas, heat meters and other electronic devices and data transmission to MDMS using GSM cellular network. CSD/GPRS/2G/3G and TCP/IP technologies are used.
Power Line Communication modem is a bridge for the electricity and other meters to transfer data from RS485 interface to the PLC network. It is resistant to the pulse noise, linear and non-linear distortions. OFDM PRIME modulation is used.
All modems integrated in the electricity meters are registered automatically in the system.
Up to 32 electricity meters can be connected to a modem via RS485 interface.
Modems can be mounted under terminal cover of electricity meter or fixed to 35 mm DIN rail.