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GAMA 100

GAMA 100 smart energy meter are used for simple residental electricity metering applications. Meter can be equipped with multiple tariff modes, electronic pulse output, optical interface. All GAMA 100 meters measure active energy consumption independent from current direction (A=|+A|+|-A|) and indicate reverse current circuit connection, G1A meters display instantaneous power independently from current flow direction and register energy at the end of previous billing period. Multi-tariff meters have an internal clock for tariff module control.

  • Active (bi-directional), reactive (4- quadrant) and apparent (bi-directional) energy measurements;
  • Accuracy class 1.0 (IEC 62053-21) — active; 2.0 (IEC 62053) — reactive;
  • Measurement in two channels (on phase and neutral lines);
  • Single or Multi-tariff (up to 6 tariffs);
  • Optical and electrical communication interfaces in accordance with IEC 62056-21 and/or DLMS;
  • Exchangeable plug-and-play communication module;
  • Load profiles and instantaneous values;
  • Disconnection relay for load management;
  • Extended anti-tamper features;
  • High-level security (encryption and authentication);
  • Event logbook (influence of magnetic field, opening of meter cover, opening of terminal cover, clock setting, parameter change, internal error, firmware update, unauthorized request, voltage deviations);
  • Power quality monitoring (over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current).

Wireless M-bus
Wired M-bus
Terminals cage clamps
P1 port
230 AC relays
Electrical interface RS485 ( DLMS HDLC)
Changeable module (2G/4g + LTE)
Integrated module (G3/prime PLC)
LCD screen++

Optional configuration: wireless Mbus, P1 port, electrical interface P1 port. Changeable communication modem. 

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