LIFE FitforREACH-2 project

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LIFE FitforREACH-2 project

UAB “ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA” participates in LIFE FitforREACH-2 project, dedicated to implementing sustainable chemical risk management practices in our operations. Committed to environmental and human health, we embrace the program's goals for safer and more responsible chemical usage in our production.

During project activities we are planning to improve printed circuit boards conformal coating technology in production line.

Project number: LIFE22-ENV-EE-LIFE-FitforREACH-2

LIFE FitforREACH-2 Chemicals Risk Management and Assessment of Alternatives: Tools and best practices to support circularity, create more sustainable products and avoid regrettable substitution.

Duration: October 2023 until September 2027.

The lead partner of the project is the Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia, and a total of 16 companies and organizations from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland participate in the project.

The LIFE FitforREACH-2 is funded by European Union LIFE program, State Regional Development Agency of Latvia, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia, Environmental Investment Centre of Estonia, Ministry of the Environment of Lithuania.

LIFE FitforREACH-2 aims to support small and medium-sized enterprises in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland that use (hazardous) chemicals in their products or processes. The goal of the project is to implement elements of chemicals risk management systems in companies, to incentivize and support a reduction of the use, emissions and exposures to hazardous substances. The work will be based on a comprehensive understanding of chemicals risk management, provided in form of handbooks, tools as well as specific and practical consultation. The main targeted group and direct beneficiaries of chemicals risk management work will be end-users of substances and mixtures, and also formulators of mixtures.