It is nice to be positively evaluated by the Notified Body Slovak Legal Metrology. The performed audit of the notified body confirms that the quality management system installed in the company and produced electricity meters comply with the requirements of the EU Measuring Instruments Directive (MID).

Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) is an EU Directive (2014/32/EU) harmonising requirements of 10 different measuring instrument types, including electricity meters. MID approved electricity meters must pass specific conformity assessment procedures and have MID markings which allow the meters to be used in any EU member state.

Elgama Electronika as the manufacturer is responsible for the full conformity of the product with the requirements of the MID Directive (Module H1 of the MID Directive - conformity based on full quality assurance and design verification). We ensure product compliance in the design, manufacture, final product inspection and testing at Elgama Lab processes.

Once again we feel secure and confident that our products are of the highest quality and meet all the requirements of the MID directive, the harmonized EU standards and the customer's requirements for the product.