Electricity meters and smart metering

Solutions for electricity measurement, control and management

We offer flexible smart metering systems adapted specifically for more efficient work of energy sector companies which manage their energy resources

Elgama-Elektronika – your reliable electronics assembly service partner!

Elgama-Elektronika – your reliable electronics assembly service partner!

Company manufactures and delivers anything from fully assembled electronic circuit boards to complete end products for customers. We also provide related technical services like prototyping, industrialization, material analyzing and test development.

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About Elgama-Elektronika

The company's products include a wide variety of devices: from simple electronic single-phase household meters to complex three-phase multi-functional electricity meters and devices for industry and energy. The main direction of the company's activity is the design and production of a new generation of intelligent multifunctional electronic electricity meters. Also, together with our partners, we offer automated accounting systems for reading, collecting and processing meter data.